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October-November 2020 Sm4him Memorial Photo Challenge


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Dec 9, 2006
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The theme for October and November 2020 will be: Full House. The contest will run for the months of October and November 2020. Remember, there's no one "right" way to interpret the monthly theme--think outside the box, get creative!

Winner of the Challenge will receive free TPF membership for 12 months.

The challenge contest is open to any registered member of TPF.
1. Take a photo (photos should be taken during the challenge month, and should NOT have been previously posted to TPF). Resize photo to be no longer than 1200px on the longest edge.
2. Email photo to [email protected] as an attachment. Use subject line "October-November 2020 Photo Challenge" In the body of your email, include your name, TPF username, and the photo title.
PLEASE name your file the same as the photo title.

Deadline to enter is midnight GMT on the last calendar day of the contest closing month.

The TPF Fine Print
For your convenience, EVERYTHING you REALLY need to know to enter the contest is listed above. However, you may find the following information useful, should you wish to read it.

General Contest Information
1. One entry per person. However, you may submit a new photo to replace an entry made earlier in the month if you choose.
2. Images must have been taken by the person submitting them.
3. Contest entries must be SFW.
4. Images must be anonymous--images with watermarks or identifying information embedded in the EXIF data or title will be rejected.
5. The challenge moderators reserve the right to reject an entry for any reason they deem appropriate. You will be notified if your photo is rejected and given the reason for the rejection.
6. Contest moderators are not eligible to enter.
7. Entrants must be a member for at least 10 days and have contributed at least 10 meaningful threads including an introduction.
8. Rules 5, 6 and 7 may be suspended in the event there are fewer than three (3) entries for that month. The contest may also be canceled in any month containing less than three (3) entries.

Voting Process:
1. Submissions will be compiled into a voting thread within one week after the entry deadline.
2. Voting polls will remain open for one week.
3. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by a panel of moderators.

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