Off Camera Flash Sync Issue....


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Jan 25, 2012
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Jax, Fl
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First the set up:
Newer TT560 Speedlight
IShoot PT-04

Now the Issue:

Got my first flash and wireless trigger YAY, but i cant get the flash to sync faster than 1/13! What the french am I doing wrong? I have opened up Aperture as far as it can go on my lense (Nikor 50mm/1.8a) and used an 800 iso...nada, only ambient light gets through,but it still FIRES every time. I cant figure out if its a crap unit, or if my d3000 is not good enough to use this set up?

Note I am a noob, but have been dabbling for a year and am really increasing my interest level in the hobby. There are no "sync" settings on my D3000 to peak of like a d5000 has....


What shooting mode and flash mode are you trying to use? The D3000 may be sending pre-flash signals to the PT-04 receiver so it's firing before the shutter opens.

Put the D3000 in the M shooting mode.

Page 59 of the D3000 user's manual lists the same flash modes the D5000 has.
Sorry, its manual mode..I guessI thought if the flash is only showing up at slower shutter speeds, its firing late? Im so frustrated by this issue lol...ugh.
You flash is in M mode and not S1 or S2?
Yes, camera and flash in manual mode :)

I meant the flash sync settings I guess other models have :)
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Does the flash work with the same settings on the hotshoe or does it give the same result?
Sounds like the flash is being triggered at the wrong time.
How would I fix that? Could it be a hardware issue from the pt04's? I think I'm getting some cactus v5's , but ill be ticked if it does the same thing for something that cost 45 dollars more
The v5's are nice for a few things but you can probably get some ct04 triggers for cheap and they work decent. I don't like the l bracket but at least you aren't shelling out some cash to find out if that's your problem.
I was under the impression pt-04 = "Insert any thing here"-04 ? Just different exteriors and some versions have the external sync cord on the transmitter
They work with most flashes. There is a few that don't work. I think yours might be one of them. Check their compatibility.

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