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Jan 30, 2008
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its prety cool looking
not to be earthy crunchy but why is there so much oil in that water
it prob is not that much because a 1/4 of a quart of oil will strech across one mile of water
Definitely one of your better shots, but somethings bugging me. Did you sharpen it? Cause it looks over sharpened. I like the colors, tho. Perhaps a lower angle would have made it a little more interesting, too.

You're getting better :thumbup:
I don't find this nice to look at, but not because of the image content (which i don't find stimulating at all)

In my opinion there is too much contrast, and it's over saturated.

Another example of too much PP. Sorry, I don't like it, mate. Keep shooting :thumbup:
It's kind of disgusting... but in a beautiful way...
In my opinion the technical aspects of the picture are all good. Though it would've been nice if the puddle was in someone's footprint or something, just to give the picture some perspective. I can't really tell the size of everything. The picture captures my interest.
+1 means she agrees with the quote she posted which says ... "...I don't like it..." lol

I have to agree, the subject doesn't really do much for me. Could be the angle or something that will never appeal to me, not sure.
Did you shoot this in vivid or something then? Why does it look so saturated?

I agree on the different angle might be nice...

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