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Jun 13, 2010
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I took the kids to the "park" (school playground) and let them loose. Of course they were both clean and photo ready, but the first thing Alex did was fall and get a huge knot on his head. After that it didn't take long before he was filthy. MOST of the 200 pics I took were of the back of his head. This is the rest of what I got. Lemme know how it turned out. It's VERY hard to focus on a child that's running 90 to nothing AWAY from you.




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I really like number 1. Number 4 would be better if his foot was all there, but I agree hard to get them to hold still long...very cute kids..
Thank you very much!! I like #1 too! I love #2 though. I wish I had been fast enough to get lower to take the pic, although it would have ruined the background. It doesn't look like it but they were speedy. I actually had the shutter speed up to and over 1/500 and was still getting motion blur. :lol:

I still think I will get #2 framed for my hallway wall. :)
I have taken this same venture. Taking the kids to the park. I took upwards of 300 photos in 40 minutes. When I got home, I saw more back of head shots than I had ever seen in my life. Kids at a playground is a tough experience.
I like #1 and #2 but I like #2 a little more. He look like he's acting the way he should, a baby giving a fit and dont' want to follow the lead of his sister and the long road ahead might tell us why. Is it me or does #1 doesn't have enough contrast or color? Great job and cute kids!!
Yeah we were there about 45 minutes and I took about 250 pictures. I got home and I think I kept 15 of them. Maybe 20 with the "bad" ones. To top it off when we got in the car my son and daughter finished off a strawberry limeade from Sonic and then he puked all over the both of them. (From being too hot!) It made for a lovely trip upstairs to our apartment! :lmao:
You have to learn how to use my favorite trick in the book for kids.... BRIBERY! I swear to you every time I take my son out to do photos I bribe him with candy :) It is whatever he happens to be into at the time. I am amazed at what 5 skittles can make the boy do...lol

I really like number 4 but wish the hand was gone. I also like number 1 with the softer colors!
We made the mistake for going at high noon. 15 month and 2 and half year old. Got some beautiful photographs though, when they we placed in the swings, or coming down the slides. However, if you want some truly good photographs of your kids to treasure, I suggest taking them to an activity gymn. We did so last weekend, indoors, and they had the blow up inflating toys for them to jump and slide down. Gymnasium = superior photographs vs playground. Here, I'll PP one and upload it for you. Your kids will <3 u for it.
I know. I totally want to go. Unfortunately, my husband rarely gets to go with me because of his schedule, so the taming and the photographing is left up to me!
I love #2 out of the set. As you said that's one I'd get framed haha.

Sage I like the photo. I'd crop tighter though seems like a lot of dead space to the top and sides.
Sage, I love the space at the top, I might make it portrait and get rid of some of the sides. It looks like you guys had a blast and great job getting the focus on a tough target!
There all great, but I really like #2. #4 is another but needs a fast clone job to hide the hand on the left of the frame. Very nice job though
Sorry, I just did alittle exposure correction in PP really quick for this post. I woulda cropped it for a more formal use. However thanks for the comments. I am not about to hijack a thread.

Your 2nd capture is saved by your sons hands for me. All parents relate to a childs hands.

Thanks soul, thanks miss

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