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Mar 3, 2009
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I'm still new at all of this, but tell me what you think I'm open for CC


This is the front porch of a cook's house from the early 1900's, I thought it was an interesting picture. I had originally finished it with a high contrast and sharpness and pushed it to the point of being very edgy. I wanted to print it that way and still may, but thought I would tone it back a notch here.


This one is just random, some people like it, some don't... I'm in the middle on it.
These are the kind of images that I like. I assume that you left the shadow detail way dark intentionally to add to the old feel - or perhaps the mystery factor. I understand that approach and I respect that opinion.

However, my eye is begging for at least a hint of texture in the shadows in lieu of pure blocked up black. This would tie in into the tonality and textures found in the mid-tones and make the image feel more complete to me.

The other approach that occurs to me would be go 180 degrees in the other direction and print these like a pure Litho - remove all mid-tones and go for pure black and pure white - like an ink drawing.

Just a 2 cent opinion from an old film guy - in world where pennies are worthless.


Edit: I want to be clear that I really mean just a little texture/detail in the shadows - not fully "bright" because that would ruin the shadowy mood of the image.
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here's the litho, pretty cool stuff...


here's an attempt at more texture without loosing to much of the character of the original finish.


I'm not sure if I have more fun shooting or manipulating to be honest. This is all so much quicker than a dark room.

edit: this last one lost something in the upload the B/A comparison leaves out some finesse, maybe I need a lesson on file size management and forum posting....

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