Old habits die hard! I beat level 33!


A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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So back when I was doing graphic design I had a habit of taking a break by playing some mindless game online, Pogo was always open! After I moved on from graphic design I stopped playing them, I think I used them to decompress a bit.

Fast forward, I'm working on building my website, inexplicably (until I realized it was an old habit) I downloaded Candy Crush on my iPod and am playing it during breaks.

Downside, old habits die hard.

Upside, I just beat level 33!

I'm on level 153...hehe
Oh good lord love a duck I hope it doesn't take me that long to finish the website! lol!
I play every night in bed...hehe Puts me to sleep. I wake up w/ my finger on the screen asking me if I want to buy shat! lol
Haha! I do the same! Oh no, you don't think I'm addicted do you???? I resisted sooooo long!
lol oops! well I'm happy to report I have not spent a penny nor have I revealed my newly found addiction on Facebook lol
The angry bird smash at the end was pretty dramatic and ironic lol !
I'm a recovering Farmville addict. :blushing: I stopped playing about 18 months ago and giving it up was torture, I had withdraw symptoms for weeks.:lol:
Candy Crush log day 10ish.

1am 3 cats decide to have a battle royal, this includes a warmup lap through the bedroom and across the bed. The battle that ensued was epic and required intervention. Wide awake, ugh.
Nothing on TV, grab iPod, full lives notification, almost 2am before I run out of lives. Candy Crush addiction approaching.
I only played Candy Crush until it started wanting me to buy crap and send crap to my friends. Ain't nobody got time for dat... :lol:

Mine is Bejeweled Blitz and Angry Birds. Bejeweled Blitz is the one I actually play the most. I try to avoid Angry Birds like the Black Plague of Death, because it's the one that can really suck me into the black hole of time-wasting addictions.

But I've had dreams about both of them--I wake up realizing I was formulating strategies and slinging birds. That's usually when I make myself quit cold turkey for a while. Haven't actually played a game of Angry Birds in months...
...but now, I hear it calling my name. :lmao:
Ha, Sharon, I totally refuse to spend a cent on it and even more totally refuse to Facebook it lol I play blitz too, I like that games are so short and can play a quick couple games in no time, never got into the angry birds at all though, tried it but it didn't really twirl my beanie (luckily by the sounds of it lol)

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