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Dec 14, 2005
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West, Texas. (which is actually located in central Texas)
If you're ever on I-35, going south toward Austin, stop in at West for the Czech Stop, an amazing Czech bakery. You will want to try the fruit kolaches and cream cheese brownies. And the different varieties of wurst are really good, too.

That's Mrs. Barbarian, in the turquoise cap.

This is her shot of the bakery:
You know it's an interesting little town when the parking spaces are diagonal to the curbs. That bakery looks inviting too.
Nice set, love me some wurst with some good Tillamook, smoky cheddar once in awhile. What town is the first shot in?
That bakery is my kinda place. I have the figure to prove it:D
A story I heard from a shopkeeper in West:

In Texas, each precinct gets to vote on whether they allow beer, wine and/or hard liquor to be sold there. As you might imagine, the Czechs like their beer. And the area allowed beer sales with no hard liquor. But some preacher decided he'd fix that and got up petitions for a vote.

What he didn't consider was that if you take that vote, all options are on the table. So after the election the area was open to beer and hard liquor.

Don't come between Czechs and their beer.

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