Old polarized filter from 70s - any different than modern filters?


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Nov 4, 2011
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Ive got an older polarized filter from my fathers manual 35mm gear, its in great condition, and i even wonder if he ever used it. It actually can be rotated around after its screwed on (maybe they all do that?). Its a 55mm size which doesnt quite fit my canon kit lens but it does sit pretty evenly over the lens if i hold it there.

i dont know anything about the quality but it says "Tiffen Polarizer 55mm Japan" around the edge

ive never used a polarized filter but is this as good as any? Have modern filters gotten any better since 30 years ago?
Won't work on a digital camera. You need a circular polarizer for digital.
It may or may not work. If it's from the 70s, it may well be a linear polarizer which may prevent the auto-focus system on your camera from working correctly, but if it's a circular polarizer, it will work just fine. Screw it on and try it; you can't hurt anything.
As Sparky suggests. it is likely to be a linear polarizer if it is from the 70's. It will still work on digital - perhaps not perfectly - but the autofocus and/or exposure system may not work well, depending on which camera you have. You can tell by looking at your own reflection through a mirror, with the filter in front of your eye. Look through the filter 'backwards' - ie with the front of it next to your eye - and forwards. The reflection of a circular pola will look darker one way (backwards) than forwards. A linear pola will look the same both ways.

Why not just try using it on your camera?
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