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Dec 6, 2011
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Hello folks, (I moved this from Beyond the Basics)

Here's something I couldn't _search_ on the web or here in the forums. (got a lot of tintype hits) Its a 80-90 yo print that has taken on a metallic quality. If you angle the print away from the light source the metallic "reflection" goes away (kinda like a 3d effect -- but only in 2d) and the original "color"/composition is still there.

At an extreme angle (70-80deg) with a lightsource reflecting off it, it almost looks like an etching (the surface doesn't appear uniformly smooth like a modern/latter day paper).

This is on paper, mounted into a portrait studio folio. I can get at the edge of the photo itself --its heavier paper-like stock (non-photographic).

My curiosity is what is causing the metallic effect?

Can it be reversed?


Anyone have an idea if Photoshop could help? I may try propping it up in my scanner a bit on one end to see if I can snag a scan w/o the metal.

Thanks for any help you can offer! B
I see that. Two exposures that pass in the night. Thanks, again

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