Old school lens for D700?


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Dec 26, 2015
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I'm a welder by trade since 1976. I'm a machinist also, but I prefer analog to CNC. I drive the last Elantra 5 speed made. I'm coming off a Mamiya 645j medium format film era. In short, I'm an informed Morlok, but it's time to move on to digital.
So I kind of like the D700. I won't be shooting weddings or sports. Even with wildlife I usually have time to make adjustments. I work with a tripod as often as not. I don't need wi-fi or gps or movies. Where should I look for lenses that maybe aren't so plasticky? I prefer primes to zooms. Thanks for any help; this is a fabulous forum to explore!
This is the only youtube channel that you need to see:
Theoria Apophasis

This guy is a Nikon guru, had all the lenses that ever existed, owns everything, tried everything,
prefers the old crap, especially lenses, has a lot of manual focus ones, and often talks about them.

He worships the D700 and D3 from the older stuff and he's well worth your time, everything about
your post screams HIM. :)

Start with this video for example:

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