Older Minolta! Help!~


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Sep 11, 2007
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I have an old Minolta XG-7 and i think im having problems with the Mirror coming down. or the Lens Mount not setting the lever to bring the mirror down. i thought that the rubber pads were goo'ified so i cleaned the res. off the mirror and the inside of the camera. but this hasnt fixed my problem, ive replaced the batteries. and still no progress. It almost seems that the bayonet part of the mount is not tripping the lever for the mirror on the right side. i know that im putting the lense on correctly same as i have for years. ive just recenlty had this problem. Can anyone give me some clues on what this could be and how i can fix it, i can stand having my 35 out of service for to long! Help plz!! :hail:
Fellow older Minolta shooter here.

Only time I had this problem with an XGM was when I'd used a single lithium battery instead of the strongly recommended two MS76 pancake batteries.

I'd run it down to a camera shop and have the local tech look at it. If it's something simple, chances are good it can be fixed right then and there. Otherwise you're sending it off.

I always go with the cheapest, easiest route first.

Good luck.


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