Olympus E3

Sep 26, 2014
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I would like to see opinions from Olympus E3. I have a friend selling one with the 14 42mm lens in great condition. Is it worth it to have an Olympus E3 today? thanks.
Small sensor, limited dynamic range. Well made and still can produce nice jpegs if your shooting in good light. For stills in good light, should be good. Indoors, probably want to use a flash so you don't have to get into the 1600 ISO range.
Agree with @jcdeboever in general, and yet, the E-3 was an outstanding camera in its day. I still use mine now and then. The E-System lenses were outstanding, and I've bought a number of them since moving on to µ4/3rds. The 14-42 you mention is a "kit" lens, and is adequate, but not outstanding. If you can find the E-3 with the truly outstanding 12-60 for a decent price, jump on it!

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