OMG! Dropped my Camera already!!


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Nov 29, 2007
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I just got my XTI last night, and i had it sitting on my desk. Well i walked past it, and the shoulder strap caught on to my hand, and knocked the camera right off the desk!! It appears to have landed on the upper right hand corner pf the camera, based on a small smudge in that area. It still takes photos fine, everything appears to be working fine. Is this something i should worry about? Could this have caused any damage? How sturdy are these cameras?
the only time to be worried from a drop is if something stopped working. Check all the compartments to be sure they open and nothing got bent.

take it as a lesson learned: dont leave straps hanging :)
if everything works fine then I think you are alright....I would check compartments as STRANGER said
I checked the battery and cf card slots, and they are fine. I got lucky! I least i had the lens cap on. :D
nothing to worry about then. Ive dropped my camera more then once, although mine is just a P&S Digital, it still cost me some money. So whenever you drop it, just make sure you check everything. I always turn my camera on right then and snap a couple of photos using a variety of options. Nothing is worse then a broken camera
Just make sure your lens still focuses...though I would imagine it should be fine if it didn't fall on the lens..

Cameras are sturdier now than they were back in the day. My mom dropped her film SLR several years ago and the whole top of the body cracked apart...and the mirror does not flip anymore.
Cameras are sturdier now than they were back in the day.

With all due respect, anybody who believes that has never owned a 1962 model Nikon F.
Agreed Sabbath the 62' F series looks pretty darn sturdy.
The heart stopping, gut wrentching feeling, as you see it fall, lets you know you alive though doesn't it?
day one of photography class my teacher said something i thought was obvious "do not let the strap from the camera hang off of a desk" sure enough the next day some kid was stupid enough to have it hang off, he walked by and smack brough a camera down right on its lens.

you got lucky, just be careful. im so protective over my camera, i let people hold it and stuff but im always there to catch it if it falls.
I go by the "my camera is like a child" philosophy. I feel dropping an SLR is like dropping a newborn baby.

With that being said, the closest I have come to dropping a camera is slipping on some ice the other day. I made sure that I held onto my camera, as I fell on my head...

You should all do the same.

"Equipment can be fixed, but not for free, like most body parts."
With all due respect, anybody who believes that has never owned a 1962 model Nikon F.

Oh so true. Mine is from 1969, still a deadly weapon that can beat you to death and still take a photo of your limp lifeless body without showing so much as a scratch.
Another vote for the "F" single digit series. Back in the day, cameras were made of metal and did not crack.

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