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Nov 15, 2007
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Surrey, England
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Slightly nervous about posting my first pic here, but this one's specially for LP.
I know the overexposed area at the top is a distraction so any C&C welcome!


ok so you have my attention :lol:

ok so I'm guessing that was at Marwell?? not been there since the Otters from London Zoo arrived and I don't recognise the rocks :lol: I'm not joking by the way

Or is there some place I haven't heard of??

anyway I like :)
Thanks LP, glad you like. It was at Longleat.:cheers:
ahh never been there.

Do you ever get down to the British Wildlife Centre? It's closed at the moment but its stunning and not that far away being in Surrey
No, never been and did not know of it. Having just looked it up on web, I think my kids would love it and it's very close to me. Thanks LP.
Lovely otter shot, Android!! (Hmmm, 2 'Andy's taking otter shots, I'm gonna get all confuzzled)
Thankyou Duncanp and Antactican (am I allowed to call you Anty, like others do? or do you have to know me better?:))
Ant(y)actican, I only have a few otter shots and a variety of other (zoo) animals as 1 of my sons' is "into" Africa and wants 'animal' pictures for his bedroom!:lol:.
At least I get to see my shots framed and on a wall!:blushing:

^^^Yep, you can call me Anty (cuts down on the typing time). There are lots of admirers of animal shots on this forum, so get posting!!

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