One Light Sunset Attempt


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Apr 19, 2012
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Fort Worth, TX
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One of the great things about having kids is that I can make them pose for me when I want to practice certain types of photos. I made my 15 year old son, albeit not happy, pose outside on the front porch while I tried to balance ambient with flash for the dual exposure shot. Let me know what you think. I think it looks good for the 3 minutes of prep, and an unhappy teenager.

Hayden-1-3 by billross77, on Flickr
High technical quality on the image Bill. Very nice-looking quality you arrived at. I'm not sure it looks balanced with the ambient; to me, it looks "lit". But I mean "lit" in a good, modern, 2010's sort of way. I like the way the shadowed side of his head has some detail and is not just inky-black. What I mean in a "2010's sort of way" means that its obviously studio-type light modifiers outdoors, which is something formerly only seen in "pro" work, but has now spread to a much wider swath of the overall photo world.
Quite nice shot of good looking son
I think a bit too bright on his left cheek. note flash flare around his shirt collar
I would warm it up to match the sky tones and then increase the sat of mid-tones (by pulling down a curve.)
And sharpen a bit to get some detail in the face.


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