I love No 3 . I do not think it works as a set, because each photo carries a powerful message and there is too much of the same thing in a set, but all 3 are very good on their own.​

I like them. 3 is my favorite as well.
To my eyes they seem a bit dark. I wonder if adjusting curves or bumping the exposure a bit might improve things.
I like them all. I liked #1 and #3 the most. I loved the rich, saturated color, and the patina of old wood and masonry/stucco. Wonderful to see Robert! And welcome to TPF!
Number 1 is my favorite of the set. I like that it is limited to basically two tones and I really enjoy the composition.
Looks like a very interesting street!My favorite is probably the last one. I like the colors.
I don't know, I suppose my opinion is an outlier here, but my favorite is the second (I'd be tempted to crop the top just enough to get rid of the light). The contrast and color are wonderful, and it also seems the most balanced to me. The first doesn't really grab me because it is not that well balanced - to me the wall in the lower left isn't as strong as the other elements. The third is good, but the wires in the upper right throw it off just a little.

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