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May 23, 2006
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OK, as well as ocassionally developing my own photos, i would like to get them done professionally. Does anyone know of any places online that let you send in films to be developed at a cheaper price than the shops offer? I like in Scotland, UK. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
It's based in Sheffield, rather than Scotland but Peak Imaging ( ) have a good reputation...

Don't know about negs or B+W, but E6 (slide) process and mount is £4.95 for 36exp, compared to just under £6 at my nearest high-street place - plus you don't have to drive or get the bus to drop them off and pick them up...
i use colab realy good service
and i often get a phone call making sure everything is ok which is just brilliant. top noch service imho
Cool. Peak imaging sounds great! So how much for 2 x 36 exp. films? It says £4.95 per film, but that seems way too cheap. Thanks
Another handy thread. This was a question I was going to ask but you beat me to the punch jophassa!
I am so good at punches. I love to punch. I just love the punch.

It is something i was looking into because my local Klick photo point charges £10 for the biggest size (fairly big) or £7 (fairly small). But compared to the online places, it isnt actually that expensive (for B&W).

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