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May 2, 2007
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I am planning to buy a Nikon AF-S 18mm-135mm lens from B&H photo. The thing is I am buying the USA version but USED. I would like to hear your guy's opinion on buying used lens from them. They said it will work despite of the cosmetic condition. Well how bad can the cosmetic be? Any inputs is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
I've never Bought a used lens let alone bought from B&H before, but if they say "will work despite the cosmetic {meaning outer} condition" probably means it wasn't taken care of well before. In my opinion you should sink your money into something else....You get what you pay for.
I would trust them...BUT. I would also avoid a lens that they have to make a disclaimer about.

B&H is the best place to buy from so far that I've used...but something that's that bad...probably isn't that great.
I have considered, but never purchased a used lens from B&H. They have a rating scale next to the item. I wouldn't hesitate calling them and asking questions and then a few more.

From my own personal experience with B&H and spending several thousands of USD, I can only provide accolades. Every purchase and subsequent shipping have been nothing less than excellent. The one item I had problems with was dealt with immediately and from the time I returned the item and when it was delivered (free of charge) to my house was less than five days. They package all my orders so well that even UPS can't damage the contents.
I've bought several items from B&H. I only wish that the rest of the online companies I dealt with were as good. I have nothing but positive things to say about B&H. I don't think they would sell any crap lens. If you're going to order camera stuff online, B&H is the best place to order from.
B&H is amazing! Never gotten anything used though.
I, also, have purchased many times from B&H and they are a great company. I think they would stand behind anything they sell, used or new. If it was in too bad condition B&H wouldn't even sell it.
I'd never consider purchasing a used ANYTHING from ANYONE unless I had a chance to see and test and play with it in person before plunking any money down.

I would not suggest purchasing used long distance or over the net. There is always that possibility of the "cat in the bag" syndrome, and that never made me feel comfortable.
I have bought 1 used lens through B&H (Ex Condition) and it was exactly as described.

That being said, I would not buy one from anyone with a disclaimer like that.

Other places to try would be Adorama, KEH & Cameta. All sell used equipment. I have bought several cameras and lenses through both KEH & Cameta and never had a problem.
B&H is super! I did inquire about a used lens once, asked for pix of the glass and exterior. It took about a week for that to happen, by that time I had made a purchase locally. They are so big, I guess they are like any large corporation, bureaucratic.
well i end up buying a used lens from b&h. i will leave some feedback for you guys when the lens arived. wish me luck. :)
Hey guys. I finally got my Nikon 18-135mm lens. Its used and if you read the previous inputs on this page, nobody has seem to have any history of purchasing "used" items from B&H photo. So I'm the guinea pig. It came with all items that should come if you were to buy it new. The lens works great so far. No problems. The condition of the lens is excellent. Looks new. If I set the used lens next to a brand new, I cannot tell a difference. So there ya go, if anyone was planning to buy use lens from B&H, they got my vote.
Thanks for the feedback.

Good luck with the lens.

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