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Aug 2, 2013
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United States Dexter MI
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Still very new to all of this messing around with settings tell me how to improve $9533178009_1d921272f0.jpg$9524549061_d92ec3d997.jpg
I recommend first paying paying some consideration to presentation.

Edit your post so the images are separated from the text and from each other.

#1 has background elements that steal attention from the car, and reflections in he car body are also distracting.
An aid for the reflections is a Circular Polarizing (CPL) filter.
Some fill lighting on the front of the car would help.

#2 is pretty mundane, subject wise.
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The second shot doesn't do much for me, but there's a lot to be learned from the picture of the car.

When shooting vehicles, You have to pay attention to what's going on around them. In this case, I thought the background was very distracting. I eliminated it to show some of the other issues:


With the background gone, you'll notice all those reflections in the paint. This often happens at car shows, especially indoor ones with all those lights overhead. There's also your own reflection, which could easily be cloned out, though.

When shooting shiny vehicles, it's best to have control of things like background and what's nearby. While reflections can be removed, it can be a pain. Better to avoid them from the beginning.

If you're shooting details on cars, you can often choose your angle to minimize or eliminate reflections. The problem is that we don't always see them, but the camera never misses them.
Like the other said the background is distracting. Open up your aperture and narrow your depth of field to fade that out and you might consider another compositional situation as well. The second shot is not good. It's exposed correctly but that's it. Sorry, but honesty will help you.
OK, nothing exciting, for a beginner nice snapshots.

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