Organizing, renumbering, and/or syncing files from 2 cameras

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Jan 15, 2011
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There must be an easier way than re-numbering all my photos so that they go in order of the day...

How can I easily ensure, that when I present the files to my client from a wedding day, that the files go in order - even if I have used two cameras? This seems like it should be an easy fix but I find my self ever time going through all the photos and renumbering them so that they go in order - so onerous!
I just sort the files by date in the File Manager, then renumber them.

One needs to make sure the date/time on both cameras are synched.
Total Commander and I'm sure a lot of other file managing software will rename all files in
a folder with literally 2-3 cliks, just gotta arrange them by time and make sure the camera
clocks are synced.

If that's too much work o_O then..
I've never had a problems using two cameras with Lightroom. As mentioned, as long as the clocks are sync'd up you'll have no problems.
1) have camera times in sync
2) I set each camera to use a different prefix to the file number.
3) I always import to LR with yyyymmdd before the camera file name and you can add hhmms to that so you would not have to rename files later.

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