Osprey B&W


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Mar 24, 2013
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DSC_7096 (1).jpg
Good shot although maybe you could have done something with the background....
Ready to rain thats why the background is white.I did work on the back ground so it was not grey. I don't photoshop fake scenes in any of my pictures and its black and white not black and blue or black and grey. I know some people leave the backgrounds grey but I rather have white back, even if its on the brighter side, it just looks better to my eye. Its exactly the way I wanted it but thanks for your opinion and input.
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That’s very nice. It looks like one of those birds sculptures that one finds on an end table. Nicely done!

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Very nice. I love the composition on that.
the white background works for me, the dark tones in the bird's feathers keep it from looking blown. great detail and pose.
Very nice shot. I think the black & white and the background really works. Makes me want to experiment with some of mine that have the same type of background.

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