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Nov 21, 2011
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Thanks for taking the time to look!
Recently purchased some off camera flash accessories.
Wanting to practice outdoors, I found a willing subject and headed out to a field in the local park.
My goal was to keep the ambient light the detail in the sky and properly expose the subject.
We started about one hour before sunset.
How did I do?

Canon 5D3
ISO 320
Hawkins-7346 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr

ISO 320
Hawkins-7369 by Mitch Wessels, on Flickr
Im not a flash person, as in I don't know what I'm talking about, but to me the light around her face, in 1. is to bright and it flattens the sky.
I agree on the pants, she picked the wardrobe, I picked the venue. I was just happy to have a quick volunteer. I really didn't want all the bling either but I didn't say anything lol.
How did I do?
I think the model, her outfit, and poses are just fine. The venue is kind of strange, but IMO you made it work o.k.

The only nits are; I think you should have paid more attention to the direction of the light. If you had asked your model to turn more toward the light ( with you moving that way too) then her face would be in better light. Always, always, always consider the light.

The first frame should be cropped to vertical to eliminate the tree snag on the left side. Thus:

21531491302_321e1d8753_c - Version 2.jpg
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Thanks for the feedback! I need allot of practice. I like the crop, I did shoot some frames like that.

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