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Been spending a lot of time on here!
Sep 5, 2015
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It is Finished.jpg
Yeah, looks somewhat like painting. Is this a filter effect you've applied, and in what editing app?
Trial version of exposure 7 for windows. I did on my laptop. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of painting in a software application. Well done Derrel for noticing. Final tweak was done in gimp.
It IS a painting. Photoshop is a painting program. You can look it up. With it you can take a photo of Marilyn Monroe and put Richard Nixon's head on it or about anything you want. And remember good ole Sir John Herschel invented the the term photography in 1839 which comes from the words for "drawing with light."
In my personal Humbug opinion if the result is substantially what the camera did then it is a photograph. If the result is very heavily modified after it comes out of the camera (in the wet darkroom or with Photoshop) then it's a photo illustration or a painting, depending on how much post-manipulation went on. There is nothing shameful about producing a photo illustration or a painting in these manners, but one should know what one is doing. Deciding if it's a photo illustration or a painting involves how much monkeying around is done after it comes out of the camera and that debate will never end.
Who says an "artist" can ony wield a brush and use oil paints on canvas?
When photo-graphy was new many painters panicked because they knew a photo-graph could render things truer to life than a painter. Is it a coincidence that Impressionist painting soon became the rage during the dawn of photo-graphy? Painters didn't want to get left in the dust like film to digital. Photo-graphers need to shed their sense of inferiority to painters. Remember, a toddler who reaches into his diapers and smears his stuff on the bedroom wall is an artist. And a painter.
And, film ain't dead. It is one of many subsets in art, like serigraphs (silk screen prints) are to oil paintings.
It was from a realism colored pencil drawing I did. I took a film photo of it, scanned it, and played with it in a trial software version. I was pleased in the sense of what it would have looked like had I actually executed an oil or encaustic. It looked like my work with the pre-sets and lack of software knowledge. I threw it up here just to see if anyone thought I actually painted it. Derrel in his genius intellect, squashed it in a hot second. He probably broke down the data file, made notes, duplicated it, and crushed the very poop I put out there.

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