Palm Tree

Maybe a little crop, just a thought.

Strong landscape. In oldhippy crop works to but in different way: the only black area balancing the tonal range was removed and this would be better in color I think.
Either crop, I like, I like the contrast and the way the clouds really pop and layer. I would LOVE to see the color version, but as a B&W, I dig it.
I like it, but I'm afraid I don't have much to say about it (I guess that means that I can't find anything "wrong" with it)... Love the clouds though.
I think the shot would look 100x better if it were cropped like said and in color, it seems like too nice of scenery to take the color away. This doesnt seem like it should be in black and white. Just a thought.
Thanks for the comments! I don't mind the crop by Hippy, but I kind of like the odd composition of the original. I also like all the textures of the clouds and water and Hippy's crop removes most of that.

The color version is rather dull to be honest with you.

Ultimately, I think the dark tree on the right edge is just too overpowering and creates a little too much imbalance for the rest of the frame to overcome.

Thanks again for the comments.
I agree about the dark tree and that the original composition is "odd" so I would start by cropping that tree.

You also could alter something (sharpness, contrast, brightness) about the relatively still patch of water in the lower left to make it stand out more, which I think would give the image better balance.

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