Panoramic shots with iPhone 7 S


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Jul 31, 2020
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Central North Carolina USA
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Shot these a couple of years ago on a spring trip to Alaska. Did some slight PP in LR, exposure, contrast, etc.
panoramic Denali.jpg

View of Mt. Denali, tall one in the center.

panoramic exit glacier.jpg

Exit glacier on the right with the run off flowing down to Kenia Fiord. I think my coat sleeve got in the way, was trying to shade the lens from the sun.

panoramic lake on Kenia pensula.jpg

Just a random roadside lake on the Kenia peninsula.
Nice images, am I right in thinking that these are just one image and not a number of images stitched together.
I like to do big pano images but I will stitch up to 20 shots to make one image.
This way I have the IQ to print the image large
Coat sleeve lol better than thumb
Image #3 looks like an graduated filter was near the top to darken the sky.
Thanks, yes just one image using the phones pan setting. No filter or pp to darken the sky, it was about that color.

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