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Apr 4, 2005
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Had some inner debate myself, but not quite sure which one of these two is a better photo. I appreciate hearing your impressions, thanks in advance.



Personally, I like the second the best. The first is almost a little too busy (background people and all). The second one is great. I love the way the boy's eyes are almost haunting. Great shots!
I would like the first one better IF his (not the kid) head had some more room
hi inneist..
i think #2 the more interesting. a good pair or images.
I like the second one better. As I look at it I want to know more about what is going on. It makes me wonder about the circumstances and I want to see more pictures that add to the story! Nice work. I like the comp. much better on 2 also. Nice exposure and tonal range on both.
Thanks for commenting. The second portrait was a posed one, so I agree it's a better framing. The first photo on the other hand was more spontaneous in timing, composition was hurried.

sephira: the cap hid her hair, but it's actually a girl in the second photo. :)
Nice to see that the honorable tradition of b&w 'street' photography is alive and well in Stockholm.

Thanks for sharing.

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I think both are dramatic and tell a story. I don't feel the head (not the child's) on the first one necessarily needs more room for this type of photo. If it bothers you, you might try cropping the bottom of the pic up a bit past the wheels of the cart in order to give the picture a more defined look.
Rere: good suggestion. thanks.

Torus: so nice to see you again. I don't assume you remember, but I once asked you questions when you wrote a lecture series on B&W film photography here on TPF back in 2006. I'm wondering if you still keep the notes anywhere online? Would be really great to reread them.

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