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Apr 2, 2006
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London, UK
I am doing the second part to a two part project in which I've asked people across the world to take photos as the same moment in time. In the first part I asked the group to take 12 photos over an hour period at the same time.

I'm now looking for people who'd be willing to take photos this Sunday. Only one photo would be asked for, preferably digital due to ease of sending it over the internet. The timing of the photograph would be based around what is easiest for all the volunteers. Last time it was taken at 9-10pm GMT. The most important part however is that it must be taken at the right time, so that all photographs are taken simulataneously.

The current brief is here
But to fully understand you may have to go here:

The quickest way to contact me is at my email address [email protected]
I could be in, thats a very good idea, I am by no means a professional barely and ameatur at best. But I have a digital camera and I am in Connecticut in the USA. If you could figure out what time I would need to take the pictures and if it fits my schedule I would definatly help you out. Email me at [email protected].

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