pc or mac?

pc or mac?

  • mac

    Votes: 17 58.6%
  • pc

    Votes: 12 41.4%

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ive seen polls like this on several other, non photography related forums, and obviously pc won, as a majority of people use pc

so i was interested to see what the difference was when you put forward the question to the imaging community, for what macs are more optimised for.

easy enough question, PC or Mac?
<subliminal message>windows is ****, choose mac</subliminal message>
Mac - always have, probably always will. I can use windows no problem, but I just find it way too clunky.

Nice try with the subliminal message by the way, but with me you're preaching to the converted ;)
I own both but have more PCs so I voted that way. I disagree with your comment that Macs are optimized for imaging. They are PCs in an Apple designed case running an Apple OS. Photoshop functions the same on both. Perhaps when they ran Power PC chips you could find a benchmark that swung one way or another, but now days its like comparing oranges and oranges.
I can't run my racing simulator on a Mac, so PC it would be. I do more than photo stuff on the computer.
I have five Macs and my sons have another three between them.
PC's are the invention of the Devil and anyone who owns one will burn in Hell for eternity.
Or that's what it says in the small print of Microsoft's terms & conditions. :mrgreen:
Texas Instruments T-99A here...:lol:

No, seriously... PC, because that's what I learned on and I'm afraid to re-learn things I am not that familiar with. Or lazy...:p
PC, Mac and Linux (Debian and Ubuntu), they all have their uses - each is better in some ways.
Mac. Also:

Holy war! Holy war!!

Also, I prefer: gimp vs photoshop, vi vs emacs, and toilet paper hung over the top vs hung over the bottom.

You may now flame at will.
Over the last couple of years, I've switched to Mac.
The nice thing is, is with the new Intel Macs running Leopard, you can also set it up as a Windows machine. You don't have to give up your Windows programs if you don't want to.
This again? Macs are great for a lot of people who just want a computer they don't have to maintain carefully. Power users like me get frustrated with the restrictive nature of the gui, however. Oh, and the dock is one of the best ideas with one of the worst implementations ever. I use muscle memory a lot on my Windows box to launch programs, close windows, go to the start menu, etc. None of this works with the Mac because windows don't actually maximize, and the dock is constantly shifting. "Ah, I know that if I want to launch firefox, I mouse down right here, and cl...wait. No I have 2 windows open so it shifted to here." WHY?

Also, why the price? It's the same hardware Windows boxes have, but it costs twice as much? And the OS is only $130 or so, so it's not that... must be an apple tax.

The Windows 7 Superbar is generations ahead of the Dock in functionality, being a launcher, application manager, and a window manager all in one, seamlessly, without moving icons around, and without the need to split it into 2 parts.

And a few myths:
- Macs are not faster than Windows machines. With Core i7 out, they'd be lucky to even make it into the comparison.
- Macs are not invulnerable to malware.
- Macs are not more stable than Windows machines. In fact, since Vista SP1 and Win7 beta, I'd say Windows has the edge there.
- Steve Jobs does not care about you. There are many documented cases of faulty hardware that Apple denies, and tries to charge exorbitant amounts of money to repair. Example: My roommate's G4 Powerbook has the common problem where the enclosed sesign causes it to overhear, and the graphics chip actually de-solders itself from the mainboard. Apple wanted to charge ~$1000. He paid a guy $40, and now it's fixed.

Also, Mac vs. PC is just wrong. A Mac is a PC, a PC is a PC. This is Mac vs. Windows, and Linux if you want to throw that in here.

Edit: Just saw the subliminal message. Very mature, and just another example of the Cult of the Mac.
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Also, I prefer: gimp vs photoshop, vi vs emacs, and toilet paper hung over the top vs hung over the bottom.

You may now flame at will.

Gimp vs. Photoshop, really? I can't do anything in Gimp, but I suppose it's just what you know better.


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And top is OBVIOUSLY the right choice when TP is concerned.
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