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Jan 31, 2011
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This little guy kept runing from me but I finally got a shot in! It's a little blury but it's the best I could do. Any c&c?



What would you like C&C on? What do you think the photo is lacking, other than the obvious focus issue?

You get better responses, and a higher quality critique if you specify what you are wanting critique on.
How's the comp/exposure/colors? Is there any pp that can be done to make it better?
Dont rely on PP, try to get it correct in the camera. With that being said, you could probably boost the saturation just a bit, and I would personally shift the WB slightly to warm the image just a tad. As for composure, its a little heavy on the right, especially because of the placement of the birds neck/head. I probably would have put the Head/neck in the furthest left third to middle and put the heat towards the top of the image.
I think it looks great! Nice job.

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