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Feb 7, 2009
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S. Idaho
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I've been playing with this one for a while now, and thought it was just for fun. Received a phone call from my gallery last week stating a local attorney had seen this on my website and wanted it - could I make it 24 x 36 on Aluminum? His office walls are a dark blue with light tan leather furniture... So - just made a nice sale of a photo that I thought was nothing more than a novelty... "Sweet" !


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Its a gorgeous photo and deserves to be recognized! Congrats on the sale! :)
Good sale but I hope in the actual rendition the bright white area upper left isn't quite that bright.
Stunning! How did you process this photo, especially the sky? I love it. Were you using a big stopper?
No, actually it's a 5 image HDR with heavy use of a polarizer filter - a little dodge/burn here and there, and it's what I ended up with... The clouds and storm really were exceptional, so I had a wonderful image to begin with also.. We get some scary storms here in Idaho - especially around the desert areas..

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