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Jan 18, 2012
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I'm trying to branch out and be a little more creative with my photography when the opportunity arises. I'm not even sure this qualifies as being more creative. These are both from Memorial Day weekend at Old Fort Niagara. I was going for a candid style of photograph that captured someone from their era. Feel free to let me know what you think. Thanks for looking. I hope you enjoy either way.

Soldier siting on fire wood by Shefjr, on Flickr

For this one I wanted to keep the keep in the background. I think though that this takes away from the subject (which is supposed to be the gentleman sitting on the bench). I feel like he is lost and would confuse the viewer as to what the subject is.

Man sitting on bench Old Fort Niagara by Shefjr, on Flickr
I think you've largely managed to accomplish your goal.

I'm torn on the first one. I think it would have been a stronger picture if he'd been looking out over the water - not directly away from the camera, but more toward the upper right (like he'd turned his head to his left to the same degree that it's currently turned to the right). On the other hand, I think the way he's currently gazing makes this feel more like a candid than a posed shot.

On the second, I agree with you that the keep looks like it's the picture's subject. In order for the gentleman to be the subject, he needs to be either larger in the image, closer to the camera, or both. I'm not sure, though, how you could do this and still keep the entire keep in the frame. I think the picture works as a picture of the keep and that he adds atmosphere to it, but I think if you want him as the subject you'll have to settle for part of the building.
Rlemert, I did accomplish my goal to an extent. I actually do have the a photo of the soldier looking off into the distance for the first one. I just felt it lacked something. For the second one I completely agree with you. I wish I was closer to the gentleman but, I just wasn't gonna be able to make it happen. It was Memorial Day weekend and I happened to compose that photo when he had a lull in people crowding him. Lol. Thanks for commenting.

Ktan7 thanks for the kind words.

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