Pergear Mini Handheld Stabilizer for Cameras and DVs

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Nov 4, 2009
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LinkDelight recently developed a humanized design Pergear Mini Handheld stabilizer products, it is a very small stabilizer, main bar with a aluminum alloy material manufacturing, fixed camera / DV focused on weight before the lower part of the steel counterweight. Suitable for the crowd like the video recording has started to learn to walk with the baby, or shooting weddings, some more or micro filming.
The Pergear Mini Handheld Stabilizer, light to hold, easy to operate, professional design of powerful capacity and high flexibility allows all-round stable shooting.





1. The small and exquisite stabilizer weights only 800g (not included the 4pcs weight), which is made of high-strength aluminum
2. 2 section design, the length of the stabilizer can extend quickly for shooting at a higher angle
3. With high-precision imported bearings low-friction joint
4. Soft rubber on the hand grip, make you feel comfortable when handle it
5. Quick release plate with mark can record the dynamic balance for different equipments
6. Quick release plate which can adjust front and back ,left and right
7. Button with 4pcs rubber pad make this stabilizer put on plat surface more stability
8. It can realize more stable all-round shooting such as high angle shot, low angle shot, etc…
9. Beside, stretch adjustment improves weight ratio (400g), and reduces the clump weight greatly
10.Fits for compact cameras and DVs. Moreover it can be used with iPhone and other cell phone, but you need to buy Cell Phone Holder additionally
11.It also can be used with Vest and arm, not included
Having a mini handheld camera stabilizer for your shooting and you can also match a stabilizer load vest use. It can let your photography more professional and pictures more clearly.
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