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Oct 11, 2017
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RED RAVEN 4.5K Cinema Camera with 4.5K Super 35mm DRAGON sensor and accessory package.

This camera is in Very well maintained condition with no issues at all with it as I'm only selling due to the pandemic as I'm working on a project at the moment.
I have always guarded the camera and used it for my own projects, The camera ran under 400 hours and never caused any problems, very reliable! "

More about the camera:
RED RAVEN 4.5K BODY incl.DSMC2 V-Lock Expander (V-Mount battery holder)
RED DSMC2 LCD monitor
RED DSMC2 out trigger handle
RED Mini-Mag 120GB
G-Series USB 3.0 RED Mini-Mag Card Reader
Wooden Camera Base Plate & 15mm Rod Mount
RED power supply + adapter for USA & Europe (here the casing has opened a bit at the base, but works 100%)
NANUK case to roll and pull-out handle
2 x RED Allen keys.

Camera body with accessories - ideal for run & gun applications
4.5K RED RAGON sensor - 23.04 × 10.8mm - 9.9 MP
4K RAW recordings with up to 120 FPS and 2K with up to 240 FPS
Simultaneous REDCODERAW and Apple ProRes recording
16.5+ f-stops dynamic range
High flexibility and areas of application due to low weight
Compatible with RED WEAPON
Signal-to-noise ratio of 80dB.

The RED RAVEN provides creative flexibility and a cinematographic image quality, which is synonymous with RED. As an unparalleled 4.5K digital film camera, the RED RAVEN is ideal for the passionate as well as for the professional user. The camera can record 4.5K material with up to 120 fps or with a 2K resolution at up to 240 fps. The RED RAVEN uses the raw power of the RED DRAGON, DxOMark’s highly rated sensor.

Designed for RED's unshakable image quality and modularity - the RED RAVEN is a full-fledged professional camera that grows with you. As one of the smallest and lightest RED cameras, the RED RAVEN is unique for hand-held recordings as well as for gimbal and drone applications.

Benefit from the renowned color science and the unmatched dynamic range of the RED DRAGON sensor. Record in REDCODE RAW (R3D) and Apple ProRes at the same time. The RED RAVEN offers a wide range of familiar workflow options.

The RED RAVEN BRAIN is made of robust, lightweight aluminum and, like the WEAPON, offers mounting points for the installation of wireless peripherals.

Special features of the RED RAVEN:
Quality without compromise,

RED RAVEN brings RED's sensor technology to aspiring filmmakers around the world. With the 4.5K RED DRAGON sensor, RED remains true to its core principles and realizes the dream that the cinema quality of the creative tools of the filmmaker should not only be reserved for a few, but that 4K recordings should be possible for everyone.

Seize the moment
The use of the revolutionary RED DRAGON sensor enables every filmmaker to shoot perfect pictures in every situation, because the sensor records in REDCODE RAW in 4.5K with 120fps or in 2K with 240 fps. Thus, the RED RAVEN is designed for extraordinary high-speed recordings in a high resolution. With RED's incredible dynamic range, ultra-clear details and renowned color science, the RED RAVEN offers an image quality that is second to none.

Maintaining flexibility
RED RAVEN offers options suitable for the required workflow. RED's innovative recording format, REDCODE RAW (R3D), enables visual integrity to be maintained throughout post-production and to avoid image artifacts or correlations. Thanks to its compatibility with the most common professional processing programs, REDCODE RAW can be easily adapted to the workflow. It is also possible to record simultaneously in R3D and Appe ProRes422,422LT or 422 HQ.

Small camera, great performance
RED RAVEN boasts of the full potential of the RED DRAGON sensor family and the smallest form factor in it. With a low weight of 1588g, the RAVEN offers optimal flexibility and performance - whether for documentaries, creating online content, indie films or in use with gimbals or drones, the Raven is ideal for any situation.

Welcome in the family
RED RAVEN offers professional filmmakers a gentle introduction to the RED ecosystem.

All RAVEN accessories are compatible with WEAPON.
Asking Price: USD$7500 OBO

Kindly contact me if you are interested in this,
allsales at protonmail dot com

Thanks for looking..!!!


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