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Jun 30, 2005
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Mine is the critique that blasts the blow out highlight that was obviously unavoidable. Like the blazing sun when the shadows are still preserved. I don't remember film critiques being that way in the "good old film days". So now we have digital with admittedly narrower dynamic range and everyone expects 40 stops range with point and shoots. Amazing.
(steps off soapbox. now it's your turn) (or not) (and HDR doesn't count)
Armchair critics have always been fun. Now they can criticise on the Internet they are a pain. They see a picture that has been modified, compressed, decompressed, squeezed down wires and finally puked up onto their cheap and cheerful monitor - then try to tell you it is fuzzy/under-exposed/over-exposed/off colour balance etc. Well of course it will be! It's been ****ed with so many times on it's way from A to B it's a wonder there is any image left.
And it's not like the people making the criticism have a clue.
They think they do because they own a camera and have maybe read a book.
And if you have the temerity to argue with them they start waving histograms about. As if they actually prove something.
"I don't care if your name is Ansel Adams. The histogram quite clearly shows that your exposure is out..."
This is one reason why I no longer post pictures here. I quite obviously have no idea what I am doing in Photography because I don't own an armchair.
Very well said Van, I have always admired how well spoken you are. Much better than I. (maybe it's the Kings English coming out in you) It does seem we concur.

Oh, Hertzilein.
I am amused! (Much unlike the Queen whenever herself in connection with the word "amused" is being mentioned ;))
Ah Hertz, cheer up. You still have the critique forum to give you a chuckle.

And BTW, I'll give you an chair arm to get you to post again. But just the arm, not the whole chair.
You can sit on my arm anytime, Cindy. And as for a post... :eyebrows:

But I have caused the demise of the accursed crit forum. Such a pity someone wasn't in there when it went...

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