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Phone call from a computer


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Jun 21, 2008
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I received a phone call today from a place in Miami. It was a person talking that was relaying what a person was typing. I had to speak to that person and he relayed it back to the person. Has anyone heard of this before? They want to book a two day event wedding. It sounds suspicious to me, but I have no clue. Thank you for you comments.
HAHA yeah I have dealt with it many times. When I was the AGM of a hotel I used to get these calls. The desk would be all weirded out and be like I think somebody is pranking us. LOL no they are just for people very hard of hearing. It is not suspicious just kinda weird....
And they can be very looooooooooooooong conversations! LOL
Yeah I thought about it being for the deaf. However they asked if they could pay with a credit card. The last time someone e-mailed me about paying with a credit card it was a scam. When the conversation started they wouldn't state why they were calling from a computer. I told them they could respond via e-mail. They gave me theirs, but they haven't responded.
Be real careful. My mother has scams like this run through her stores (not often, but it happens). TIt's too bad really -- A helpful program like that can get used to mask the accent of some Siberian scammer .. They order stuff and have it sent to someone in the U.S. that would turn around and ship it out to them so it doesn't look too suspect.. But to book a wedding? How could they try to scam that? You don't send them anything right?

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