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Jun 4, 2010
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Can those on here who use photo hosting websites other than Facebook and Flickr give me some suggestions for different sites? Or even if some on here created their own through another site allowing you to create your own domain, the names and experiences there would help, too.

What I'm trying to get away from, is the sites that put in the fine print of the terms and agreements, "even though you own the rights to the intellectual property, by posting your photo on our site, you give us a blanket license to use the photo however the f&$k we want until you delete it. And even then we may still use it without telling you." Website names and a quick pros/cons reply would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance!
Hum...I'm not sure how Photobucket works in term of user agreement but I've been using them for years and my albums are all private.
I don't know about the legal, but try zenfolio

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