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Sep 11, 2011
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Comment or critique please. :) $DSC_0433.jpg
Not a bad shot exposure / focus / sharpness wise! But your framing / composition needs some serious work. If I had been going for a headshot at this angle, I would have shot it vertically. But I would have probably shot the whole bird also. Way to much dead space above and to camera right. If nothing else, at least crop it to emphasize the subject, and kill the dead space. Since you have "Do Not Edit" set in your profile... I can't show you what I mean. You will find that you get more and more meaningful C&C if you allow us to work with your images, to show you how to improve them.

Could have also used a bit more DOF (depth of field, smaller aperture) as the end of the beak is soft...
Oh I didnt even notice about the "ok to edit," sorry I haven't been on here in about a year. But I completely see what you mean. I regret not going vertical. And if you would like to edit it feel free; it would be a great help! Thanks.
Thats cool! I managed to sharpen up the beak a little bit.. don't know which I like!


Awesome! Thank you very much :)
Yeah me too. I like how it shows at least some of the body compared to the vertical.
I dunno Charlie, I really like the square crop. The beak is SO close to the edge of the frame, but somehow in the square crop that doesn't bother me as much.

Nice pic, OP, especially with the compositional edit. I like the drop of water on its beak, and the exposure seems really good. Plus, ibises (ibisi? Ibis'?...) are just cool birds. Until yesterday, I'd have said I don't get to photograph those kinds of birds around here, but after having seen a brown pelican here yesterday, who knows? :lmao:

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