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Damn You!
Jan 21, 2006
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MyaLover with 'Self Port' (well one of them had to win! :razz:).... grats!


..and the runner up is LaFoto with her #6 from 'Lower Saxony Countryside in Winter'... grats Corinna!


well done guys ;)
Congrats guys - fantastic work

I've been watching the polls on this and it was neck and neck all the way. I suppose you could call that a "photo finish"

I'll get my coat ;)
Oh dear!
And I even forgot I had a nomination. :oops:
If it hadn't been for someone's PM, I'd never had realised this photo came in second of the January contest...! Wow!
Now, of course, I'm all :cheer: about it! :mrgreen:
Thanks for your votes!
Makes me happy :sun: !!

Cheers, ta-daa, congratulations and celebrations to you, Myalover! :D
Good deal LaFoto! Great shot.
Nice work guys great pix..............
Wow! Thanks everyone! Much appreciated and that was some stiff competition! A million thanks and much gratitude!

Made my Day :)
good really a nice work..congrtas guys..
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