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Aug 15, 2011
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1 & 2 these are way blown... Probably a good 2.5 steps. Also on 1 you can't see her face and 2 the face she is making is awkward. I would reshoot instead of trying to fix these in post. Catch baby's attention with a feather or something to make sure she's looking at the camera.

3 cute, makes me uncomfortable with the baby so close to the water, but that's just MHO. It's also overexposed. You get a peek at Mom's crack. Watch for things like that in the camera so you can fix before you snap the photo. I would have tried taking a step to the left or right and angling it so there weren't so many houses is the background.

4 cute, but the foreground and background is distracting. Also not enough for my contrast for my taste. Same fix for the background and try bumping the contrast.

5 Good focus, but overexposed and squinty face. Try getting a reflector and putting the sun behind and to the side of the client.

6 Same as 5 and the blacks aren't black. Repeat ^^
yeah tone down the exposure some and go at a better time of day. About an hour before sunset is typically ideal.
yeah tone down the exposure some and go at a better time of day. About an hour before sunset is typically ideal.


Also, Try to discourage the subjects from wearing white and black together in the same photo shoot. One more thing. Keep an eye on clothes that may wrinkle, bunch up, or in this case, gap open.

Thanks for sharing! Keep it up...
Direct sunlight pretty much sucks, because the Sun is to small (apparent) light source making the light harsh, and the shadow edges to defined and sharp.
Make that one a vertical crop and I think its nice. Number three or four. Others have already mentioned the blown out area.

I was thinking something like this because I really love the leading lines in the photo but after comparing I think I like the horizontal more. I would get rid of the birds in the water and the bouy out in the ocean but I like this one.

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thanks for the feedback....the first thing i told her when she set it up was late afternoon was a firm suggestion because of the light....she insisted that 11am was the time she needed to do it.......

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