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Oct 28, 2008
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Since this is the beginners forum I am sure what I am about to ask is a very beginner type of question but here it goes.

When I shoot with my camera - my photos, according to Nikon's View NX program tells me my photos are anywhere from 3.3MB - 5.1MB somewhere in those ranges. My camera setting is on "L" and "Fine".

It seems when I try to send these files to publications for print (think large newspaper format) they keep telling me they are too small. Normally I edit them in Lightroom (which also shows them to be from 3.3 - 5.1 ish) yet when I send them via email they get small - waaaaaaaaaay too small. I understand that some programs will compress so that the email is easier to send et al, but when I need to send these files so that they are big - as big as I can, the only way I can do it is to scan the 8X10 and email it.

I know I'm missing something very basic here - but I'd rather send a digital file than scan and send.

Can someone help me? Thanks in advance!
It sounds like your email client, either a local client or a web-based client, is downsampling your JPGs. A workaround would be to ZIP your images.
My apologies for my ignorance - is there a way to tell where the files are being compressed? And what is a local client vs. a web client?
try sending the file as a file rather than selecting it as a photo attachment. That should mean that the email leaves it well alone and won't perform any fancy resizing to the file. Emailing large files like this I would send them one at a time.

The other option would be to open a paid flickr account and then upload the fullsized image to there (for a limited time only) and then give access to a friends account only - then all you need it to have the publication you are sending the file to open a free flickr account and download the fullsized images. Its a bit of a work around but it would be a better option if you were mailing a larger number of images where sending one by one in email would be confusing and time consuming.

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