photo withdrawl?


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Jun 27, 2003
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argh!!!! .. im going crazy right now!!!! .... i need something/someone to photograph :( ... i got a few people next week ... but i need something right now!!! ... im going through photo withdrawl :cry:

does this happen to you?

help!!!! ... i need a fix ... got any ideas? :eek:
This is pretty on topic (as opposed to off topic) ;)


I am the opposite. See... I'm obsessed everyday (without even picking up a camera) just driving or walking down the street. I think about which angle i would shoot it from and more importantly the lighting ratios and where the light is falling. Sometimes I get withdrawl photo where i can't be bothered to pick up a camera or think about it :p Then something sparks my eye and i'm off again.
Chronic eh?
I'm not much of a chronic myself (well not for photography anyway). I just go out and shoot when I have time. Seems I haven't had too much time lately.
I need a day where I can just drive off to find some new subjects. Seems I've shot the hell out of everything in my area already.
I went through a couple month dry spell. Sometimes a photo magazine will spark my interest in something or to go somewhere you don't usually visit, but when I get in a photo funk, (hey cool, photo funk :thumbsup: ) I spend that time doing editing work on all the procrastinated work I already have.
I think i fall into voodoocat's chronic section, but I often go a while w/out actually taking any pictures, ya know, just forget to bring my camera or whatever.

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