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Photoflex professional photography equipment set $1500. Like New


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Jan 7, 2013
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I have an entire setup of professional Photography equipment from Photoflex. Value is $2300-2500 and I'm looking to sell the entire package for $1500 firm. Most items have never even been used and still have tags on them. Lights only have about 2 hours total on 2 of the bulbs. I purchased everything to get into this hobby and with my so many other hobbies, it unfortunately has just been taking up space and I'm doing some spring cleaning.

List of items below. Value above is based on prices from Amazon and B&H Photo. Everything is in perfect condition and fits nicely into the carrying case (with the exception of the light discs, which have their own case). Pickup only north of Boston since I have no idea how to properly ship this stuff and it would probably be expensive.

DL-22MULTIPhotoflex 22", 5 Surfaces MultiDisc collapsible reflector. White Translucent disc, with a reversible slipcover that provides white, silver, gold and soft gold surfaces.1
DL-42MULTIPhotoflex 42", 5 Surfaces MultiDisc collapsible reflector. White Translucent disc, with a reversible slipcover that provides white, silver, gold and soft gold surfaces.1
BG-5X7BDISCPhotoflex fast and easy reversible chroma key blue backdrop that you can take anywhere. It is flexible, and compact - great when shooting for digital composites or drop outs.1
LS-2218Photoflex Heavyweight Black Light Stand designed to support small to medium light fixtures with large umbrellas, or softboxes attached. It has four sections, and rises to a maximum height of 10' 8" (3.3 m).3
LS-BCA22MMPhotoflex 22mm Casters for Light Stand (set of 3). Roll your lighting around the set and over power cords easily and safely. the 22mm fits 2212, 2214, 2218, K0054 stands.2
AC-MEDKITPhotoflex Dome Accessory Kit - Includes: Circlemask, Stripmask, Louvers - Medium1
DL-HOLDERPhotoflex Telescopic Litedisc Holder is adjustable, easy to swivel and rotate for precise position. The Holder extends from 36 to 67". The Litedisc Holder comes complete. It includes an extension arm, lightstand attachment and two movable spring clips.2
FV-SD2MPhotoflex SilverDome NXT, Medium Softbox , 24 x 32 x 17" (61 x 81 x 43cm) . SilverDomes may be used with hotlights. Includes speed ring adapter.2
AC-GRIDMPhotoflex Nylon Fabric Grid for the Medium (24 x 32") Softbox. This grid limits the light spread from your softbox to 40°. It fastens to the recessed front of the softbox via touch fasteners.1
FV-SL3200Photoflex Starlite Body SL3200. 3200° Kelvin continuous lighting gives final image without the distracting flashyou get from strobes.
Extensive Quality Control process ensures exact tolerances and pro performance. Quick-Lock Mounting Design - has a spring-loaded pin to secure soft box automatically.
Continuous Light Source - what you see is what you get, no jarring flashes, power packs, capacitor, or fuses. Special Design - made exclusively for soft boxes to maximize light output
1000W BulbPhotoflex 1000W Starlite Bulb4
FV-MULTIBAGPhotoflex Multibag Dual Kit Case (Black) is a designed to carry and protect 2 lighting kits. The case is constructed from 600 denier DuraCloth with rigid lightweight walls and hard polymer corners. There are 6 adjustable polymer touch fastener dividers and a black fleece interior lining. The case has 5 compartments for lights made by using 4 dividers and 1 compartment for stand or accessories. There is a padded soft box or umbrella quiver on the inside of the top. The case is transported by 2 straps with an overlapping padded grip handle, 2 ergonomic polymer handles and ball-bearing inline skate wheels.1

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