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Oct 4, 2010
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Hi all,

I am a pro/semi-pro and wondering what workflows other portrait/wedding photographers use for the best quality product as well as a quick turnaround.

Right now, for all shoots worth-a-damn, I'll shoot raw, bring that into lightroom for all my tonal changes/fixes, export to a PSD and move that right into photoshop.

I know alot of people convert to DNG after leaving aperture/lightroom, but I just use Photoshop's native format to apply blemish corrections, actions, major/minor fixes, etc. then from PS export to whatever delivery format is needed.

just wondering what the thoughts of the community are on this. and if there are other/better/more efficient ways of handling high quality RAW files

(currently shooting w/ a 5d MkII but just had a nikon d300.d80.f100. etc)

I shoot RAW, import into Lightroom and do as much as I can there. If I do need Photoshop, then I use the 'Edit in...' to bring the image into Photoshop, and that automatically brings the image back to LR (as a TIFF) when saved.

This allows me to use LR for whatever output I need.

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