Photographic Message and body language

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    We identify the human body language through visual noticing its movements, posture and gesture. These three characteristic's send messages signaling various physical, mental, or emotional states, via the movements or attitudes of the body.

    I have chosen 5 photographs for you all to look at... Your feedback of the photographic message you receive from the body language in each of the five separate images will be a great help in my research..

    The images are
    Thank you John

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    England! w000t!
    Can others edit my Photos:
    Photos NOT OK to edit

    First one...guy with phone, is Open and passive, he is out of the way, and looks similar to a wall, so that he wont be noticed.
    Second one, girl, in her own world, she is saying do not approach, I am busy....
    Third one, guy is simply protecting...his food.
    Fourth, dont come near me, showing a bit of nervousness, and shiftyness...I wouldnt approach him.
    fifth...come near me? girls on the pull? not sure about that one...

    Have you got a model release for these photos?

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