Photographing model railways


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Aug 21, 2011
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So I'm heading to a exhibition soon and I'd like some tips on how to go about photographing some of the layouts. I did a search on Google and didn't find anything useful. Also what lens do you recommend I use?50mm f1.8 or 28 - 135mm f3.5
Whichever lens gets you the shots you want, really.
I went to a model railroad club to photograph their train set-ups and found that I couldn't always get close enough to catch small details with the 100 mm macro I had as a long lens that day. I would recommend having something at least 135 mm for a small-sensor body. You'll want something wider as well and I can't think of any occasion where I wouldn't bring a 50/1.8, but bring a telephoto for sure.
Hmm, well I have a 500D and I guess I'd be shooting on ISO800. So you think it's best to go with my zoom lens?
The 28-135 is a good lens (I love mine anyway besides the creep). Lighting going to be an issue.

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