Photography Exhibit: Lens - New Work by George Krause and Sean Perry

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    Between August 4th and September 10th, please stop by d berman gallery in Austin, Texas, to see what acclaimed Austin-area photographers George Krause and Sean Perry are up to.

    George Krause
    ’s series of larger-than-life-size nudes present the human body in a serenely ethereal environment. His use of sfumato in these insightful black and white portraits highlight the more often dismissed parts of an individual’s physique. Kneecaps and fingertips, tattoos and the occasional adornment speak volumes in the absolute stillness of white light. Mr. Krause works from his studio in Wimberley, Texas. Sean Perry’s photographs from the series “Transitory” focus on the industrial objects of human communication: cell towers, satellite dishes, and other mechanical things that, as Mr. Perry says, “display an unexpected beauty and graceful clarity, only briefly revealed. The images exist in that transitory moment - between a tension of conflict and harmony, where intent is manifest and unfettered.” Mr. Perry is an instructor of photography at Austin Community College.

    Please come show your support for these fellow photographers. There will be an opening reception on August 4th from 6-8 pm, and a gallery talk to be scheduled. d berman gallery is located at 1701 Guadalupe, at the intersection of 17th and Guadalupe streets, in Austin, Texas. Open 11-6 Tuesday-Saturday.

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    at work...

    I thought this forum would be a better place for this thread. If we weren't half way across the country from this, we'd probably come and check it out.

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