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May 9, 2010
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Bellingham, WA
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I have been doing photography for a few years now, but have only just now started getting into the freelance scene and doing some actual jobs and getting very serious about it.

What books would you guys recommend me to read to really get the most out of what I already have? I'm basically looking for something that will help me understand the different lens' exposures, and shutter speeds other than what I already know.

Thank you!

I agree, Understanding Exposure is great.

I have seen similar questions a bunch, so I wrote a listing a while back of some of the books I have found pretty good (see linke below). The one that helped me the most to date is "The Photographer's Eye" which is not about exposure though, but composition.

Myfotoguy: Recommended Photography Books
Maybe these links will also help. There are a lot of really good sites on the web that may help you learn and save some money.

Understanding Camera Lenses

Depth of Field - DOF
Depth of field in photography - Google Search=

Aperture/Shutter speed
aperture in photography - Google Search=

A number of different tutorials - you may have to wade through some to get to what interests you
The Luminous Landscape Tutorials contents

This should keep you occupied, remember, Google is your can even find how to make logos...;)

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