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PhotoLightroom vs. Aperature 1.5 with NikonD200


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Dec 6, 2007
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Hi there -
NikonD200 newbie user here, and I was wondering if anyone out there has experience with one or both of these applications and could give me advice on which one they would favor and why.

Your support and advice is greatly appreciated in advance. I love this site, but I think I may be becoming a bit of a junkie (spend too much time on this site)

Cheers and Thanks

I have Adobe Lightroom and it's brill. I plug in my camera, and it immediately downloads all new images, and you can tag the whole import. It keeps folders organised, and the develop module is very intuative.

Oh, and it integrates nicely with Photoshop !

For a full feature list check the site, and screenshots. But lightroom gets a thumbs up from me ;)

Can't give you a comparison though im afraid :)
It's really hard to beat Adobe Lightroom. I use it with the D200 and it's phenomenal and I have no reserves in recomending it to anyone. That said both applications I believe have a 30 day trial period so get downloading and convince yourself :)

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