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Dec 7, 2022
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Hi everyone, i wonder could anyone give me some advice on which might be the best digital camera for landscape photography, particularly one which would give best results when printed . I'm a keen amateur, but am looking to become more advanced and have a reasonable budget. Thank you in anticipation :)
Need more data.

"reasonable" budget tells me nothing. Because "reasonable" can differ based on who you talk to.
WHAT IS your budget?
Is the budget camera body only, or body + lens?
If body only, then what is your budget for the lens? High quality lens are expensive.

In my mind, "reasonable" relates to the task, not the $ cost.
More important, what is affordable to me, may not match what is reasonable for the task.
Example, If I can only afford $2,000 for a body, I cannot afford the $4,000 for a high resolution camera.

What is your current gear, experience and constraints.
If you are a Canon guy, are you open to switching to Nikon or Sony?
There is no such thing as a 'landscape' camera.

The best camera will be one with the features you desire. You'll need to sit down and determine what those features are, which makes and models have them, then compare both the costs of them as well as how ergonomic they are in your hands.
Gotta love these drive-by "what colour socks should I wear on Thursdays" posts. As my learned colleagues above said--any camera is a landscape camera if pointed in the right direction. Seriously?
As everyone has already said, what's your budget, it's really a case of how long is a piece of string. Good luck..:encouragement:
Thought I'd throw this against the wall.........

Thought I'd throw this against the wall.........

I wonder if it has "creative light leaks," like the older Holga.
Oh, another question.

What SIZE do you intend to print to?
And how far (or close) will you be to the print?

It used to amuse me that back in my film days, people were obsessed with high end cameras and lenses, but they rarely printed anything bigger than 4x6 inches.
Even today, you do NOT need a 20+MP camera for a 4x6 print. 4MP would do fine.
I did a 16x20 group picture with a 6MP dSLR.
Probably not the help you were looking for so far. For landscapes I use a higher megapixel camera and wider angle lens. You are not too concerned about autofocus system performance as you will be taking shots of mostly still subjects and not too concerned about low light performance as you will be using a tripod with longer exposures. I use a Nikon D850 45.7mp FF camera and either a Nikon 28mm f/1.8 or a Sigma 12-24mm f/4. The f/4 zoom is lighter and more compact than the f/2.8 version, which is part of the trinity, so it's easier to hike in with. Other good glass is a 35mm or 50mm f/1.8. Another good choice of camera is the Nikon D800E at 36.3mp. Sony, Canon and Fuji also make very good landscape cameras. With that said, you can get excellent results with lower mp cameras by stitching. You take slightly overlapping images of your landscape and stitch them together for a higher resolution images. This technique is especially useful for panoramas. Most cell phones have the ability to make panoramas in camera.

[ In addition to setting exposure, i.e., ISO, shutter speed, fstop, you need to be cognizant of the number of camera sensor elements you have on your subject. Along with the quality of the lens, the number of sensor elements determines the detail that can be captured. Note that detail is different from sharpness. Detail is a property of the captured image. Sharpness can be enhanced in Post Processing. ]

Although mirrorless is the way to the future, there are some great deals on used dslrs and glass as people are selling their gear and moving to mirrorless. My favorite place to shop for used gear is, which has a fair grading system, return policy, and warranty. If you have the budget, nice mirrorless cameras for landscapes are the Nikon Z7 or Z7ii, Canon R5, Sony A7R4 or Fuji GFX or X series cameras.

Good luck.
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