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Feb 17, 2010
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is it the only program where it doesnt matter if your pictures are a little 'off'? I take a lot of handhelds.

other ones I'm looking at are dynamic photo hdr, artizen hdr, qtpfsgui, picturenaut, fdr tools, and topaz adjust. I want to download a free trial or two and do some experimenting. :)
I believe Photomatix is the best for aligning up shots. Ive done a few hand held multiple shots and manually set the camera (no AEB) between shots. Photomatix did a good job.
Ok, that seems good. I downloaded the trial and it seems good, but for all the complaints about peoples photos looking cartoony, I COULDN'T get mine to look cartoony! :lol: I figured I'd save a natural-looking version and a cartoony version, but I could only do the natural one. I'm pleased though, it doesn't look like "HDR" so maybe I did it wrong, but it does look better than the originals. I'll be posting it with relevant questions in another thread.

you may want to think about Nik's new product , It is being release shortly and it's ability to reduce ghosting is amazing. I just got home from a demo at my local camera store which was hosting a rep from Nik and he spent quite a bit of time showing examples of all sorts of moving objects *including a car".

which function on Photomatrix did you try, they have both.?
I've got Photomatix and Dynamic Photo HDR, and they both work well for aligning images. DPHDR does well with removing moved objects as well, and I actually like it and use it more often than Photomatix. Be sure to give it a trial run as well.
No matter what....Hand held will not beat out the same shot w/ the same settings on a tripod

end of story.
true, and then mirror lock up with a cable release beats all
I use the 2 second timer on my 7D so there is no need for a remote.
I use the 2 second timer on my 7D so there is no need for a remote.
Technically you still introduce shake from pressing the shutter button, even with a tripod. :greenpbl: ;)

Two seconds is more than enough time for things to settle down. There is no shake unless of course your tripod is made of rubber and its sitting on a water bed.

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